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January 21, 2014

Unemployment shirt
Unemployment for black workers is expected to
remain high in 2014.

Unemployment Rate Will Remain High in 2014 for Black Workers

Black Workers

by Frederick H. Lowe
The unemployment rate for black workers will remain high in 2014, although the job market is slowly improving, the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan think tank, recently reported.

Dr. Heidi Shierholz, a labor-market economist, wrote that it is likely that 17.4 percent of black workers will be unemployed at some point this year.

"The labor market is improving extremely slowly for all major (worker groups), but the employment situation of African Americans remains at something more akin to depression-level conditions," she said.

The black worker unemployment rate is akin to depression levels -- Dr. Heidi Shierholz.
"The official unemployment rate provides the share of labor force unemployed that month," Shierholz, wrote in an Economic Snapshot titled Jobs and Unemployment. "But this understates the number of people who are unemployed at some point in the longer period, since someone who is unemployed in one month may become unemployed the next, and vice versa."

"The average unemployment rate in 2013 was 7.4 percent, but we estimate that 12.7 percent of the workforce, or more than one out of every eight workers, was unemployed at some point in 2013," Shierholz said.

"For African-American workers, the employment situation was significantly worse. The 2013 unemployment rate for blacks was 13.1 percent, far higher than the highest overall unemployment rate over the last 70 years. An estimated 19.6 percent of black workers (nearly one in five) were unemployed at some point in 2013."

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